Street Sweepings


For several years WSR Recycling Ltd has been a major treatment facility for street sweeping and street cleansing residues for Local Authorities across Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire.

The treatment process applied by us incorporates screening, magnets, manual picking, shredding in addition to regular physical and chemical laboratory analysis.

The application of these activities allows us to remove any recognised recyclates such as cans, plastic bottles, stone, hardcore, glass from the incoming material before using the remaining for material for use in large scale environmental improvement and restoration projects.

We regularly undertake process efficiency tests to ensure high levels of landfill avoidance and recycling rates and provide up to date information to all our customers.

All waste and material outlets and end destinations have been carefully vetted by WSR Recycling Ltd to ensure compliance with the ‘Duty of Care’ regulations. WSR have implemented robust procedures as part of our ISO14001 environmental management system to ensure continual compliance.

In addition we can confirm that our processes and restoration outlets have been reviewed by both our customers and regulators and confirmed acceptable to compliance with the LATS guidance. As such this gives our Local Authority customers the assurance of a compliant operation and a quality service.

With respect to our process we can confirm that it meets the criteria D5 within the LATS Guidance for the Recovery of Street Sweepings and Gully Emptying.

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