Refuse Derived Fuel


WSR has a specialised approach to handling and treating municipal, commercial and domestic waste streams. As with most waste management companies in the United Kingdom, WSR Recycling Ltd has strived to achieve the ‘Best Environmental Performance’ for the treatment and processing of our customers wastes.

The basis of this duty has been the Waste Hierarchy.

The Waste Hierarchy-01-01

However, there has always been to some extent a ‘residual’ waste from recycling and segregation that until recently would have been disposed to landfill.

WSR Recycling Ltd has recognised this as a least favourable method and has made significant changes to our organisation from both an infrastructural and administrative perspective to allow us to convert this landfill material to a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

RDF is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating our non-hazardous solid waste (MSW) for use with energy from waste (EfW) technology to generate steam for powering turbines for electricity generation. Through careful selection of our feedstock material (RDF consists largely of combustible components of municipal waste such as certain plastics and biodegradable waste), WSR Recycling has been able to achieve a suitable calorific value (CV) and moisture content to achieve optimal thermal efficiency for our various EfW outlets.

Once used for electrical generation and heating there is a small amount of ash (bottom and fly) that can also be used for other end of waste products such as in construction materials etc.

WSR have designed our logistics operation around the fast process and movement of our waste streams to a number of waste to energy facilities.

The material is deposited in our waste warehouse in such a way that ensures that the oldest material is always removed first, preventing any hazards that surround long standing waste. WSR can now offer bay segregation to comply with necessary audit trails while providing recycling rates and reports to our customers which are an integral part of their business.

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