Recycled Aggregates


WSR Recycling Ltd is a fully equipped processing centre for the production of recycled aggregates manufactured to the 6f5 – Selected Granular Material (Coarse Grading) specification.

In order to produce recycled aggregates material is sourced from our various waste collection and material recycling operations arising from construction and demolition operations (concrete, bricks, tiles), highway maintenance and utility excavations as well as from civic amenity sites.

The quality of our recycled aggregate is dependent on the quality of the materials that are processed, the selection and separation processing used, and the degree of final processing that these materials undergo.

As such all our associated activities conform to the WRAP Quality Protocol – Production of Aggregates from Inert Wastes –  and we have developed written operational procedures and testing methods as part of our ISO9001 Quality Management System

The Quality Protocol sets out end of waste criteria for the production and use of aggregates from inert waste. If the criteria is met, the aggregates will be regarded as having been fully recovered and cease being a waste.

We regularly test the recycled aggregates manufactured through our process to ensure that we continually meet high standards and the 6f5 specification. Our sales of recycled aggregates come with all associated test certificates from accredited laboratories to provide the customer the assurance they require.

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