Consultancy assistance is generally a service not often offered by waste management companies, however as a business WSR Recycling Ltd consider this to be a value added option we make available to all our customers.

Our consultancy service options have developed in an organic way over the years as a result of general requests from customers to assist them beyond normal waste management activities. These services have now matured into a well-developed aspect of our business and is now considered more than just a bolt on service.

Site Investigation Services

WSR Recycling Ltd provide site investigation services to both our customers and other specialist environmental consultants through the provision of plant and machinery(various size excavators including back hoe) with competent operators to complete site investigations of brownfield and contaminated land.

We have completed numerous ‘trial pit’ investigations to identify ground conditions and to assist in the gathering of samples for geo-environmental testing. This includes sample collection and laboratory analysis for data interpretation.

In addition we can also advise on the best options for the treatment or disposal of contaminated land taking into consideration the best practicable environmental options and applicable legislation and guidance.

Waste Audits & Duty of Care Assessments

Many of our customers are keen to show a commitment to both environmental management and the principles of sustainability. A key element of this is waste generation and disposal and how they can reduce the environmental impact of their business. To assist in making environmental improvements WSR provide both waste audits and ‘duty of care assessments to those customers requiring this expertise and support.

The first stage of the audit is to understand all current waste collection and disposal arrangements through an on-site visit and inspection. From this inspection the following can be identified:

  • All types of waste generated from activities and volumes generated;
  • How the waste is stored prior to collection;
  • The frequency of waste collection and the forward movement of the waste;
  • Applicable waste legislation.

A report will be compiled that clearly describes all waste management operations of our customer and will include contents such as:

  • Alternative options for waste (subject to cost and environmental option improvements);
  • Compliance status to applicable waste legislation;
  • Future objectives and targets for waste management and minimization;
  • Non-conformance and corrective actions through the application of the Duty of Care regulations and guidance.

The team at WSR Recycling are also competent in undertaking Duty of Care Assessments of all your outgoing waste streams including visits and compliance checks against all your waste outlets.

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